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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIAW #8:One Frustrated Foodie

Grrrrr! It’s so frustrating to lose an entire post that was completed and scheduled to post the next day!  How did that happen?  I spent a good amount of time writing and adding links and pictures only to have my “saved” post completely disappear.

Have any other bloggers have this happen?  Did you ever recover your post or is it still M-I-A?  In a nutshell, yesterday’s non-post was about these Avocado Balsamic Chevre Cookies.  I was inspired to create the recipe from Baker Bettie’s Cookie Wars Contest where you have a list of unusual ingredients to use to make a cookie recipe.

Several ingredients that stuck out, as the name makes apparent, were avocado, balsamic vinegar, and goat cheese (chevre).  I wrote how much Kelley was going to love me for this recipe as she absolutely cherishes creamy goat cheese and tangy balsamic vinegar.

After getting the approval from Kelley to use the goat cheese we had (trust me, I learned the first time I didn’t ask), I set to work mixing ingredients and baking. Doesn’t that sound so manly?  Well, I have no shame; I just demand good food and feel I must make it myself.

The end result was nothing more than an awesome cookie with both sweet and savory ingredients that work well when combined.  For anyone who cares, these are also gluten-free when the recipe is followed exactly. So, that’s my story in a rather large nut shell.

Oh yeah, Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Sorry for the rant, guess it happens to the best of us.  Boo.

Let’s move on to today’s eats….

Brekkie – miniature fat free refried bean and corn bread casserole (recipe to come); baby carrots, and overnight oatmeal crisps.

Snack – the last Avocado Balsamic Chevre cookie (Kelley had the rest…they were for her, I guess) and a mix of green and red tea.

Lunch – cool Quinoa Curry Salad that I posted about on Monday, I love not having to use the work microwaves, it’s the little things, you know? Dehydrated okra, more baby carrots, and a No-bake Quinoa Almond Protein cookie…..or two

Snack – just work and some tea; I wish I could eat work…..then spit it out; but that wouldn’t be nice

Dinner – bowl of mixed steamed veggies generously seasoned with many herbs and spices (of course cayenne); a couple Quinoa Almond Protein cookies; pumpkin peanut dessert dip with yogurt and cinnamon.

Another veggie-filled What I Ate Wednesday is over, but good things there’s always next week!  This week, my extra extra cup of veggies was nothing too imaginative; just a lot of veggies steamed and seasoned.  I’m not complaining, though…I love them like that!

Random Question:  Do you like the show “Chopped” on the Food Network? 

I can’t stand the drama they have worked into Food Network (especially "Chopped") and wish they would just show back to back episodes of “Good Eats”, now that’s a good food show!


  1. Love all of the eats you posted. And I've had posts disappear on me too.. It angers me so much! I'd write up a whole post and then suddenly it just never saves and it's gone. totally lost in the interweb world. Disappointing.

    1. Thank you, Kamila! Disappearing posts are very aggravating, disappointing, all of the above, etc.!!

      I started using Recipage.com to enter my recipes and post html after submitted. That site changed servers and completely lost my Avocado Goat Cheese cookie recipe that I "posted" and lost. So somehow the html linking my Recipage recipe on my blog must have erased everything after being lost. Negative cool....But I'm happy and grateful for all of you who still stop by and read my blog!

  2. Yummy - your breakfast sounds very different, so I'm looking forward to seeing it!

    1. Thank you for reading! Please check back tomorrow or Friday for more on the casserole that's great for breakfast and lunch; tested by me!

  3. Your breakfast casserole sounds awesome! I can't wait for the recipe!

    1. Don't worry, you don't have to wait long. I plan on posting the casserole soon. Don't limit it to just b-fast, it's perfect for lunch, dinner, or a great snack too!

  4. I admire all your veggies. What is the recipe for those quinoa cookies? They look great!

    1. Here is my post with the recipe for the quinoa cookies. They are great and I suggest you make them soon! Be sure to hide some for your hard work or they'll be gone before you know it!

      Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!