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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shirtless Run in January and Spicy Peanut Butter on a Sweet Potato

Today is my no weight lifting day. Good thing since it was 75 degrees and made for a great run without a shirt.  How many places can you (comfortably) run without a shirt in January?  Not many in the U.S. for as much as I know.

After getting home from work, I made the quick decision to make use of the nice weather and changed into running shorts and my Vibram Five Finger Bikila's.  I put our dog, Abby, on a leash and had a nice, moderate pace run for about 30 minutes; this equates to about 4 miles.

The run was nice and I followed up with 3 rounds of 5 handstand push ups and 8 strict chin-ups.  Good stuff.  I then made a giant protein smoothie with strawberries, vanilla egg white protein powder (sweetened with stevia), steamed spaghetti sqaush, carrots, and more stevia.  Delicious!

I would be posting pics of my food, but right now I have the slowest internet and no more space on my Blogger account.  I need to find another picture hosting website soon!  Any suggestions?

Another picture I wish I could share is from part of my dinner tonight; sweet potato with Peanut Butter & Co. The Heat is On peanut butter.  I've mentioned how good sweet potatoes and pb can be, but the spicy factor makes it just that much better!  Have you tried?

Question of the Day: Do you follow a certain training routine or just wing it each day?  Mix it with cardio and strength or only one?

Hey....tomorrow is Friday...Rejoice!

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