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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yesterday's Workout and Setting the New Tone for My Blog

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am taking a much needed deload week from heavy lifting to help my body recover and refresh my mind. I can’t remember the last time I took a break longer than a day from some form of exercise. Of course, I’ve been doing CrossFit style MetCon’s every day after lifting sub maximal weights.

I’m really trying to get better at the classic Olympic lifts; Clean and Jerk and Snatch. The Snatch is really hard for me and will take a lot of practice.
I have been trying to gain strength by following a small bulk diet by creating a caloric surplus, but I am so averse to gaining fat that this is hard. Plus, I eat a lot of unprocessed food and cook my own vegetable filled meals which make you feel full on little calories compared to most meals.
Increasing my intake of food is still in order, and I have gained some strength and weight, but not what I could have. I have gone from 140lbs when I first started to 163lbs now. It’s been over a year, but I’d like to see more strength gains. The problem, as I said before, is my need to keep conditioning in my routine so I’m not just out of breath from walking.
Maintaining a good conditioning base while increasing strength is not easy, but I plan on detailing my adventure into trying. I will hopefully still have interesting topics to cover and stories to tell along the way.
Yesterday’s Workout (01/23/13)

Same weight routine I would follow on Wednesday, just with lighter weights. This helps keep your muscles primed for mobility without putting a lot of stress on them.
Warm-up for 5 min

Clean and Jerk – 95lbs x 3 sets x 3 reps

Front Squat – 115lbs x 3 sets x 3 reps

Snatch Deadlift – 5 reps x 115lbs, 145lbs, 165lbs

Deadlift – 5 reps x 185lbs, 205lbs

MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) found on a CrossFit file located here
1,500 Rep WOD
10 rounds of:
100 jump ropes
10 burpees
10 situps
10 pushups
10 squats
10 pullups

(Source: Crossfit Houston)
Since I suck at pullups, I subbed jumping pullups instead. The rest was as RX’d (prescribed).
Then Kelley came home and I set up a WOD for her (I’m acting as her strength and conditioning coach) which consisted of:

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 15 min of:

5 x Burpees

10 x Pushups

15 x 15lb Kettle Bell Swings

20 x 15lb Kettle Bell Squats

30 x Jump Rope

She was sweating pretty well after this one. Doesn’t help that it’s getting to 70+ degrees here in Texas!
For dinner I had slow-cooker mixed veggies with lentils, steamed spaghetti squash, and a microwave collard green egg white omelet. This was great, and then I had a cool treat of plain 0 % Chobani Greek Yogurt with mixed frozen berries and roasted pistachios. And then more.

Feeling a little sore today and will try to just enjoy the outdoors since it’s in the 70’s again. Maybe some sprinting and messing around with my new 15lb Slam Ball!

Have a great day….so glad it’s Friday tomorrow!

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