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Monday, September 17, 2012

Delicata Squash is Back and a Let's Do...Organic Winner!

Guess what......it's Monday. Yay. Boo.

But something I am excited about is the presence of Delicata in the store; first of the season!  I talked about my love of delicata in past posts like....

"Squash" Your Fear of Cooking

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Delicata - Fun to Say, Fun to Eat

and of course it's mentioned in my post on 6 Non-Traditional Grain-Free Cereal Options.

So, if I haven't mentioned already, I love this variety of winter squash! I see a lot of bloggers rave about Kabocha, so I need to grab some once I see it in my store's produce section. It's hard to think anything can be better than delicata though; I'll be the judge of that.

Hopefully I'll have some tasty new recipes and pictures to share using delicata and other winter squash this season. Stay tuned!

Speaking of sharing, my Let's Do....Organic Coconut Flour Review and Giveaway ended on Friday (9/14/12) and I have a winner to announce.  Congrats to Katherine for winning a bag of Let's Do...Organic Coconut Flour! Thank you to all who entered and keep checking back for the next giveaway.  Actually, I do still have a Navitas Naturals Giveaway going on until this Friday (9/21), so go enter now!

I am almost out of my coconut flour and will be getting more soon.  This stuff is perfect in healthy dishes both sweet, like this Gluten-Free Coconut Protein Granola, and savory, like Baked Coconut Salmon Cakes.

I have yet to make STUFT Mama's Coconut Cookie Dough Crumble, but will do so before running out.

Now that there's Delicata in my kitchen, I can see a coconut delicata dish creation very soon.  Hmmmm.

Have a great start to the week!!


  1. delicata is one of my favorite squashes, too! so tasty and not at all mushy!

  2. I know! I love how tender the skin is after steaming or roasting; I'll usually leave it on and eat it whole or puree with everything. No peeling is so much better!