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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WIAW #28 How Do You "Fall" Into Good Habits?

Well what do you know, we're cruisin' through September at ludicrous speed! Spaceballs...anyone? For you dorm dwellers, I'd recommend adding this movie to your collection; it provides comic relief to an intense study session, I promise.

Speaking of studying, how do or did you prepare for a long session? I don't have to study anymore, but I could never just sit down and get right to it.  I'd take a while to collect reading and writing material, snacks for snacking, a drink, and do any random thing I could find to delay actually sitting down to study.

Are you the same, or can you just jump right into studying?  For things like exercise and choosing healthier food, I can stop or start pretty fast.  No need for "baby steps" to cut a certain food that I know is bad from my diet.  If I see/hear it's bad, then it's not on my plate or in my cup from there on out.

When I get ready for a run or to lift weights, I don't waste time getting started like I would trying to study. Obviously, I know I must warm up before lifting, but for my runs, I just start going and warm up for the first mile or two. If I delay, the looming workout will get into my head and I'll over-think everything.  Not good...just get out and do it!

I was not as health-minded for most of my college days and would eat fast food, Cheez-Its, sugary cereal, and many other foods I simply turn my head at now. But my change was not gradual; I heard how bad trans fat was and immediately cut out anything with the stuff.  So basically, no more fast food or those addicting Cheez-Its.
They removed hydrogenated oils, but this list paragraph of ingredients looks worse than what's listed in dog or cat food.

I got over it fast as I noticed how much better I felt before, during, and after exercise and everyday life.  The people who whine saying "But it's just so hard to give X Food up." or "I don't know where to start." just tick me off.  Sorry if this is you, but if you know it's bad, why continue consuming it? If the vet said your most loved pet will get severely sick or even die if you keep feeding them their favorite treat, would you still give it to them?  I hope the answer is no.

So, as the title for today's post asks, how do you fall into good habits?  Is it a gradual change or can you change on a whim? I figured this is a perfect question to ask along with this month's What I Ate Wednesday theme of "Fall Into Good Habits." Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayon's for putting on this fun event every Wednesday!

Speaking of WIAW, lets move on to my eats.  Time has been pretty scarce lately, so sorry for the lack of pictures this week. Hope you enjoy what I do post (some are recycled from the past), I plan on getting back on track by next month with more pics.

Just like last week, I enjoyed a bowl of steamed veggies with spaghetti squash and tuna. Of course there was coffee brewed with Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder to round it out; sooooo good!

I froze the extra Coconut Salmon Cakes from last week and had them again for lunch; freezing extra food for later is the best! Usually. A dessert cup of Lucuma Powder sweetened quinoa pudding rounded out the meal perfectly.

Giant salad with brussels, red pepper, cucumber, tuna, and homemade pureed lentil dressing thick enough to be a dip; protein smoothie with Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder and homemade Let's Do..Organic Coconut Granola; one.....okay, two, microwave overnight oatmeal muffins with unpictured peanut butter spread in the middle.

Happy WIAW, Thanks For Stopping By!!!

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    1. Hi Heather! Always happy to hear from another fan! Happy WIAW to you too!

  2. Love their cacao powder, I've got some that I'm using myself right now too :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kammie! Have any good cacao powder recipes to share? I'm always looking to try something new!

  3. your granola pics always look so awesome! i can never get the clumps to stick together like that!

    1. That's funny, I usually try and break them up into smaller pieces to make it easier to eat as cereal with milk. I think the pumpkin puree really helps to hold things together though.