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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIAW #26 What Can't You Eat With a Cup and Spoon?

And here we are again, coming to the end of another month. School is back in session, Summer is winding down, Fall is fast approaching, and fresh winter squash will be in markets soon!  I always get excited for the multiple winter squash varieties that arrive for the season and try to switch them up.

Are you going to change your staples along with the season?  I will definitely use less canned pumpkin and more fresh squash as it comes in season.  I typically use squash as a base to make thick and creamy protein smoothies, but always enjoy some diced and roasted too.

My squash staples tend to be Spaghetti, Butternut, Acorn, and my ultimate fav....Delicata! I can't wait for Delicata to show up so I can stock the kitchen and use them in my decadent smoothies; they won't last long.

Speaking of smoothies, I like them thick enough to eat with a spoon and have had them every night for over a year now.  Maybe I missed a day or two, but no lie, every night.  Thick, healthy, and creamy smoothies in a cup are my summer staples that will be carried right into fall; then winter, then Spring, and...you get the idea.  Never ending!

I blend two smoothies every night that are part dinner, part dessert, and totally healthy; except for when I add vodka or bourbon. : )  The first smoothie is mostly all veggie with frozen organic spinach, a mixture of different steamed veggies, and a little bit of frozen fruit.  I'll add ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and unflavored protein powder to the first, and the second one is more of a treat with chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, or banana flavor.

The smoothies are sweetened with unprocessed stevia and they send feel good vibes all over; the perfect end to the day.  I work out in the evening, and make these right after to place in the freezer to help thicken the mix.  After my nightly salad (another staple), I take the first mix out of the freezer, top with a little lowfat cottage cheese, and proceed to ease my mind and block out anything stressful in the day.
Big batch of PB Protein Smoothie for a Quick Cup Refill!

While the ingredients might change, eating the mixtures with a cup and spoon will stay.  I would eat every meal with a cup and spoon if I could. Well, almost, I enjoy finger foods and sandwiches too much to put those in a cup.

My eats this week are pretty lackluster and I didn't take many pictures since it's been the same thing most days lately. So instead of a collage of daily meals, I made one with the many smoothies in a cup I've savored throughout the summer. Stay tuned for my smoothies in a cup Fall edition....coming this Fall.

I posted a few pics of my eats, but I apologize now for the lack of my foodie photos this week.  Hopefully I'll get on track again soon!  As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for putting on and hosting these fun What I Ate Wednesday events! Even with her husband back from overseas and her vow to never leave his side, she's still able to post and host.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!
Hope the rest of the week is smooth sailing right into the extended weekend!

Breakfast - mix of steamed beans and veggies with spicy brown mustard stirred. I had a fresh fig and baby carrots on the side.

Lunch - More steamed bean and veggie mix with mashed sweet potato; another fresh fig; homemade granola for a little treat.

Dinner - My standard giant salad with brussels, broccoli, water chestnuts, kipper filets, and radishes with homemade red pepper salsa for dressing

Second Dinner/Dessert - Microwave chocolate protein bread (more like cake, used this recipe I posted before and added cocoa powder) and a big serving of plain 0% CHO topped with roasted peanuts from my Foodie Penpal; more granola might've found it's way into a cup with almond milk, and I migh've just had a spoon to eat it with.  Just saying.

I just finished the first 30 out of 90 days of the Supreme 90 Day workout DVD's my mom got me for my birthday. Thanks, mom, I take back the jokes I made about these videos in the past, they really work you hard! Of course, the instructor can be a little cheesy at times, but that just makes for something to laugh at while your quads are on fire from jump lunges right after finishing burpees, mountain climbers, thrusters, and triple axle handstand push-up flips.  Ok, I made that last one up, but just imagine what that would look like.

I'm still trying to fit my own heavy lifting routines and some running or biking into the mix, but feel I need to allow more time for recovery.  Maybe I'll try that....maybe.

Do you like eating things with a cup and spoon? What's your favorite way to eat most meals?

Have you ever followed a DVD program like the popular P90X or something similar? If not, do you want to?


  1. I'm obsessed with banana smoothies (and I'm totally eating one right now haha) I also like them thick. Do you use xathan gum in yours? That's my favorite way to make it thicker!

    1. Mmmm, bananas were basically meant to be blended.....I'm sure of it! I haven't tried xathan gum before, but have heard of its good thickening qualities. Do you buy online or in-store?

  2. Yes! A cup and spoon is my *favorite* way to eat thing. : )

    I can't wait for fall squash too! Fall is my favorite season for food.

    And, I've done some of the P90X and I followed Jillian Michael's DVDs. They're fun! But now I'm into shorter HIIT workouts that I find on youtube, followed by yoga classes.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Raechel! I'm counting the days until winter squash is fresh and abundant in the store....yum! I haven't tried P90X, but figure what I am doing is similar but costs a lot less.

      HIIT is great and I will add some in whenever I can. I need to do more yoga for flexibility (and stress); my wife goes pretty often and I joined once...maybe again soon.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes to squash season! I love everything with a cup and a spoon...obviously I'm a dairy addict so any kind of fro-yo, greek yogurt, ice cream, pudding, etc. is a given. Yeah the whole wait and recover thing when it comes to exercising is SO HARD for me. I always want to feel the burn as sick as that may sound! I unfortunately have to cut back on running because it's making me EXHAUSTED. So incorporating more at home videos/workouts is my focus for now.

    1. I hear ya, plus it's always good to change up the routine every now and then. You know, "muscle confusion!" I always laugh at that term, even if it is legit.

      Good thing we have the internet and store bought dvd's to help keep us active!