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Monday, August 27, 2012

Eat This Now: Fresh Figs

It's fig season, and I think everyone should have the luxury of trying them fresh while they can. Dried figs are okay, as long as you avoid the sulphur dioxide contained in most commercial dried fruits, but fresh just can’t be beat!

The delicate skin easily succumbs under light pressure and opens to reveal its sweet, vibrant flesh. They are perfect as is on their own, but sliced and mixed into yogurt, paired with goat cheese, or any other salty food.

I just snatched a few varieties at the store this weekend and plan on eating them after lunch at work for a nice treat. Here is one I sliced and mixed with plain CHO and granola in my designated eating cup. I didn’t even need honey or another sweetener to enjoy the natural sweetness of the fig. Can that ever get old? I’m thinking “NO”.

There are multiple varieties of figs; here are my favorites and consequently the most popular:

Black Mission Figs: Exceptionally sweet and gooey on the inside; perfect with plain Greek yogurt or tangy goat cheese for an appetizer or dessert. They have blackish-purple skin and dark pink flesh.


Brown Turkey Figs: Dark brown purple skin, similar to Black Mission in appearance, but are less sweet and better used in recipes where sweetener is added or just on a salad.

Calimyrna Figs: Fairly large, with bright green-yellow skin and a pinkish flesh that has a unique nutty flavor. Great compliment to any nut, but walnuts are a popular choice.

For more info on figs, WHFoods.com has a great list of benefits, history, and recipes to try.

Fig season is starting now, late summer, and should run through most of fall. Better act quick to grab them while fresh and delicious. Only buy what you can enjoy within 2 to 3 days, this soft and squishy fruit will spoil fast. Enjoy at room temperature to obtain the delightful sweetness each plump morsel has to offer.

Have you tried fresh figs before? Do you like them alone or paired with other food? Alone is my preference, but sliced into yogurt is a pleasure I’d like to enjoy again soon.

Hope your weekend was fun-filled (or at least not bad) and you enjoy your week! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i LOVE figs! in tarts, by themselves, with savory roasts! it's all good! they're so healthful and delicious. i once paid $1 for ONE delicate fig wrapped in paper. best dollar i ever spent.

    1. Sounds like a great way to spend a buck to me! Especially considering the crap people buy from a vending machine for more than a dollar. Thanks for the comment, hope you get to enjoy some figs before they're out of season!