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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fast Food to Forget - Totino's Pizza Rolls

Are we all so desperate that we have to rely on frozen processed food to feed our kids and ourselves? There are many products I can (and most likely will) speak on for being unhealthy snack options for anyone, but today is just Totino's.

Totino's is owned by General Mills, which, to me, is better than Kellogg's, but still a brand I don't care for.  I do like the Corn and Rice Chex though, but why the sugar and not enough whole grain? Anyway, have you seen the Totino's commercial with a mom on the phone with her hungry kids?

The kids are looking for something in the freezer and are saying there's nothing to eat, but of course Totino's is right in front of their face. Apparently her kids are too dumb to see the bright yellow packaging until she tell them the exact location.  Then they are all happy and the kids go off to make their crap stuffed crap pizza rolls.

Here is the nutrition info for their basic cheese party pizza...

....and that's the one with the least ingredients!

The seemingly most popular pepperoni pizza rolls look even worse....

....and you know being little bites that most people unknowingly eat more of them.

So, kids, parents, childless adults, and well, everyone.....avoid these pizzas and pizza rolls for your life; literally.

You can quickly make your own pizza or pizza rolls that can be frozen or cooked as needed with simple ingredients. Here are a few easy and healthy recipes to try with whole grain tortillas:

Tortilla Pizza

No-Bake Spinach Pizza Rolls

Another Easy Pizza Roll for the Road

I want to start making quick posts like this where I focus on unhealthy processed food and better options.  The key is to make it a quick, but informative post.  I will usually get an idea from some ridiculous commercial or ad.

What do you think?  Do you like quick posts like this?  Please let me know since I like to make my readers happy and give good info.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Love those cute pizza rolls - such a good idea for a quick & easy lunch without all those nasty chemicals!