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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WIAW #24 PB-GY-C-O-P: Summer Staples and Beyond

Peanut butter (PB), Greek Yogurt (GY), Carrots (C), Oats (O), and Pumpkin (P).  These foods have been not just summer staples, but year round staples for me. Give me these things and put me on an island and I'll be all set. Maybe, I might ask for a banana and honey to go with the PB, GY, and Oats, and cinnamon to go with, well, everything!

Carrots are a great first step for a person just starting to switch to a healthier lifestyle.  They can be purchased as baby carrots and used as an easy, grab n'go snack; easy! I thank carrots for helping me get on the right track years ago as I made the change.  A Google search with the terms "just add cayenne" and "carrot" and "blog" came back with 4,640 results.  When using the quotes, I'm pretty sure most of these are from my posting around the web.

Carrots provide one of the easiest snacks to bring to work so I avoid anything in a box.  Plus, have you tried dipping carrots in peanut butter? I'm sure many of you have, and hopefully you derive the same simple satisfaction as I do.  That or mustard; they are both great combos!

Have you tried Google searching your name or blog name plus a favorite food to see what comes up?  I thought it was pretty cool....maybe I'll try peanut butter, greek yogurt, oats, and pumpkin next!

I have actually mixed all of these together in an overnight oat concoction that creates a perfect summer staple when eaten cold.  Basically, I eat all of my overnight oat mixes cold; frozen fruit added to make it colder. The carrots and pumpkin are pureed, of course.

When I don't create an amalgamation with these summer/year round staples, I easily love the taste and texture of each item alone.  Peanut butter with a spoon? Uh, yeah, why wouldn't I do that? Cool and creamy 0% plain Greek yogurt is a delight with each giant gob I greedily cram in my mouth spoonful.

Oats and pumpkin are what I combine most.  Pumpkin is perfect for making overnight oats extra thick, creamy, and more nutritious to boot! Add cinnamon, stevia, and yogurt and you're on your way to foodie pleasure. Oh yeah, add peanut butter too.
Overnight oats with Greek yogurt, frozen bluebs, and peanut butter = WIN!

See? All of these things work great alone or together. That's synergy, my friends.....synergy.

What else is synergy? Full body workouts, that's what! Kelley and I are on our second week of the Supreme 90 workouts and I feel it after each one.  This DVD set is the best video bang for your buck I know.  Why spend up to over a hundred dollars on P90X or Insanity?  That's....errr...insane.  Supreme 90 can be found at most Walgreens for 10 bucks tops.  Use the rest of your cash to get some dumbbells and a stability ball for the videos and you're all set.

Along with the videos, I squeeze in effective compound moves with the barbell including squats, dead lifts, bench, and overhead press. If I can that is, the videos can leave me pretty sore as it is.

Wow, all this talk of my favorite foods and working out has me hungry! Lets see my eats and I'll be on my way to more eats now!  As always, and big thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!

Happy WIAW!!

Quick and easy microwave okra frittata; leftover pumpkin and banana protein pancakes with Artisana Coconut butter and peanut flour mixed; instant espresso coffee, black.

 Slow-cooker salsa pork chops with black-eyed peas and broccoli (you can't see it, but this is covering half a baked jersey sweet potato and mushrooms); Overnight Oatmeal Crisps cooked with banana and Artisana almond + coconut butter; fresh cut turnips and carrots

Overnight Oatmeal Crisps smeared with goat cheese; Spring Mix salad with tuna (unpictured) and topped with the roasted brussels sprouts, mushrooms and garlic pictured below; chocolate black bean and veggie protein pudding; I used my microwave protein cinnamon bread to dip into the creamy pudding; I may or may not of added peanut butter to the mix....ok, I did

Here we are in mid-August going full speed into September and fall season!  Geez, what's up with time?  I guess "it flies" is an appropriate explanation.  Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and partake in delightfully tasty eats!

Q: What are your year round staples?
Q2: Cardio, strength, or combo....what's your favorite?

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