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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Life Hands Me Wednesday’s, I Make WIAW Post #9

Remember my What I Ate Wednesday Post # 8 and how I was frustrated with the Recipage.com website? No? Well, I was frustrated with the Recipage.com site because it lost several recipes and erased an entire post I had for the Tuesday before.
Anyway, the site is fixed (for now) and my Recipe page has everything I posted on there so far, which is not a lot yet.  Please check it out and let me know your thoughts and any recipes I should add. The Avocado Balsamic Chevre Cookies recipe is up, and I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

Are you a blogger with a separate job you have to go to during the week? How do you find time to make your posts, live your life, and devote time to the true passion of food blogging? I find myself thinking about what I’ll make for my next post when I’m at work; please tell me I’m not alone!

I spend so much time in the kitchen during the weekends that some days, it’s all day long! For anyone living with their significant other (spouse, boy/girlfriend, partner, etc.), that leaves zero time to spend together. Kelley, my wife, has expressed her concern when I spend too long in the kitchen, and I keep trying to reduce the time. This past weekend, instead of the kitchen, I took her out to a matinee showing of “The Hunger Games” just get out of the house and have a great time together.

Sounds like nothing much, but we haven’t been to the movie theatre since “Baby Momma” with Tina Fey was showing; yeah………4+ years. By the way, “The Hunger Games” was pretty good, but also pretty disturbing. The movie is not what I first thought of when I heard “hunger”, and I was very surprised when I learned the premise of the film!

Ok, on to my veggie-filled Wednesday eats…..

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

Breakfast – Cold quinoa and bean salad with steamed veggies, and a little salsa mixed in; baby carrots; overnight peanut butter oatmeal crisps; French Press coffee with nutmeg and vanilla extract

Snack – Handful of roasted pumpkin seeds and black chai tea

LunchSpicy Black Bean Cakes on a bed of arugula and roasted veggies; small cup of frozen strawberries and papaya; Ak-mak crackers; baby carrots; green tea with stevia
Snack – More green tea mixed with an herbal peppermint tea; great for after eating!
Dinner – Bring on my biggest meal; always ready to eat after a good strength/cardio workout! Mixed salad greens with lentil-veggie puree as a dressing and topped with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and tomatoes; Pumpkin Protein Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich (I made the pancakes using my crepe recipe with less liquid); pumpkin and frozen fruit protein puree topped with oatmeal crisps; no-bake peanut butter cookies on the side; I also had a slice of low-fat peanut butter protein bread I made this weekend…..recipe to come.

After a wonderful day with Kelley on Saturday, I spent way too long in the kitchen on Sunday. Even after saying I’ll just make simple meals for the week, I went overboard. I promised next weekend I will actually make simple, steamed bean and veggie meals to get out of the kitchen quicker. I must stick to it!

Although, I keep seeing/thinking of awesome recipes that I want to try, so it’s hard not to try them out! Maybe just one fun recipe and be done with it....uh oh, this is how it starts! I want to start posting more of the various vegetable and fruit blends I make on a daily basis; anyone interested?

Q: Do you like going to the movies or staying at home?

A: I typically prefer to stay at home to watch something where my own food is readily available and there’s no noise from other people to bother you.


  1. Thank you for reminding me to make some quinoa. I NEED to do that already! haha. Some yummy eats you got there.
    & it depends on my mood if I wanna go out to the movies or stay in.. and who it is I'm with. usually it's at home though.

  2. Happy I could help! : )
    Have you tried cooking it using light canned coconut milk for the liquid? I do this and keep in the fridge for a quick breakfast sometimes....it's awesome!
    Thanks for reading and commenting; I agree that it definitely depends on who you're with for the movies!

  3. I feel you on the stress of working, blogging and having a relationship! It is a tough balance.
    Your food looks delicious. I need to try quinoa for breakfast.

  4. Hi Mattie, thanks for reading and commenting! I promise, once you try quinoa for breakfast you won't want to go back to anything else. Having it cold is great now that the temps are rising too. Have a gret day and hope you come back!

  5. I LOVE the title of this WIAW post! :)
    Your eats look delicious! :) I like going to the movies, but also really enjoy watching movies at home (in my PJ's!) :)

    1. Ha ha, thank you, Shannon! I agree, going out can be fun, but comfortable clothes and my own air-popped popcorn (amongst a lot of other things) is my ultimate choice!