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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wish I Was Running

My wife, Kelley, just went to run with a friend for their long run in marathon training.  I was going to just go ride bike to do something, but think I'll get to Central Market for some good produce nice and early.  Maybe I'll ride in the heat later or just wait until tomorrow.  My legs are feeling a little tired anyway.  Since it's so early, I don't have much else yet.

Random Rant:  Processed food for kids posing as a healthy snack/meal.  Why and how has it led to this?  Oh, wait, I know, "busy" parents don't have time to feed their kids.  I don't buy it.  I understand there are some genuinely overworked single parents out there, but there's always a way to feed your own kid real food.
Doesn't have to stay in the freezer, hmmmm, I bet the ingredients list doesn't stop at bread, peanut butter and jelly.

Work Out:
Nothing yet, maybe I'll change this later....I might clean the house...whoopee!
Late night edit:
Ended up cleaning bathrooms, kitchen and some vaccuming
Want to ride bike tomorrow, but need to mow lawn, cook food for the week, and lift weights too.
Would be nice to just sit and read, but I can't stay still long enough.
Poor Kelley, she's having the same problem with her ankle as I am.  Hope it doesn't last long, we need to be training for the marathon!

Looking at the training advice by Arthur Lydiard.  Now, just need to get healed so I can follow his advice, it seems pretty credible.

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