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Monday, August 23, 2010

Got a gym membership...

I got myself all pumped up and ready to run on Sunday, stepped outside, took 5 steps and turned around b/c of the pain.  I was so freakin' disappointed, and Kelley was sharing my feelings as her ankle now has the same problem area.  We broke down and decided to go to 24-hr Fitness to get a membership and swim.  After waiting for some people to take forever in the 2 lanes the gym has, we had a good work out to help ease us....just a little bit...from not running.

Also cooked some tasty quinoa with soaked anasazi beans and tomatoes.  Hoping this food helps speed our recovery!  Made a good batch of homemade granola (oats with applesauce and yogurt with spices toasted in the oven) and cut up veggies to snack on for the week.  Kelley tried my granola with greek yogurt and liked it, so I might be making it more frequently.  I make this to offset cereal purchases, hopefully I can keep it up as this is a lot better than boxed stuff.  I love being in control of my food.

Sundays always start off slow and I'm usually not very motivated, but it was good overall.  Almost finished Dexter season 4, will probably finish tonight.  It's intense!

Had to get blood work this morning and going back for a Physical at 4:30.  Oh joy, I think I will ask if I have a food intolerance (maybe to gluten?) since I seem to stay bloated feeling after my cereal eating at night.  You'd think I would learn, but I just love the cold grains with fruit too much.

Work Outs:

Sunday, 08/22:
Swim 52 Laps - over 1.5 miles

Monday, 08/23:
Squats, Dead Lifts, Overhead Press

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