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Friday, August 20, 2010

This Was a Long Week!

After leaving work on Tuesday, I got rear-ended while in traffic on I-35.  Happy 3 year Anniversary to us!  My car will be in the shop for a while as the right rear axle among other things are bent.  As Kelley says, my car lost it's pants too.  This is b/c the rear bumper came off.

Despite the wreck, I bought season 4 of Dexter and we were able to watch some once we got home.  We might finish the whole season this weekend!

I finally got a rental car (Chevy HHR) on Thursday after work.  It's a big change from the Subaru WRX, but I guess it's transportation.  Went to Taverna in Fort Worth with some co-workers and Kelley for happy hour.

Really getting annoyed with my left foot.  I'm following the directions the podiatrist gave me, but it just doesn't seem to get better.  I have stuck to riding bike and lifting weights, but the bike is just not the same!

Quick Rant:  Parents feeding their kids fast food b/c "they don't have time" or "it's what they want"!  Seriously parents, learn about the importance of food and find better options.  You don't have to be a master chef, just find some quick, healthy items at the store.  I hate to see the ignorance of proper nutrition passed down.


Wed, 08/18
- Squats 3x5 @150 lbs and 2x5 @ 155lbs
- Incline Bench 1x10 @ 95lbs and 3x10 @ 105 lbs
- Barbell Row 3x12 @ 65lbs
- Abs and Calves w/o's
- Mow lawn with manual reel mower

Thurs, 08/19
- Ride mountain bike for 1 hour
- Abs

Fri, 08/20
- Ride mtn bike to store to get OJ - took about 40 minutes of riding
- Kettlebell Swings 3x20 @ 20lbs L/R 1x30 @ 30lbs
- Mixed grip pullups 3x6
- Abs

What I'm Craving:
0% Plain Greek Yogurt with frozen mixed berries and a crunchy cereal (Kashi GoLean)

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