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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3 Year Anniversary!

Well, the doctor told me my left leg is a little more bowed creating extra tension on the left and right side tendons.  So, it's not a sprain or a stress fracture, but seems like a problem that won't go away easily.  I just got a pair of Vibram Bikila's before this injury, and now I have to run in my Asics DS-Trainers (when I can run) until I'm better.  On top of that, I have a compression sock and inserts.....I feel so weak, I've never had an injury from running before.  Oh well, I guess a positive attidute will help me forge through and recover.  As a side note, after the Las Vegas Marathon, I have decided I will train for a Half-Ironman (70.3) for 2011.
Update: after giving it some thought and reading on the Runner's World Forums, I am not happy with the doc's diagnosis.  I will follow her instructions until I'm healed, but I'm convinced I can run in the Vibrams again!  I will just start out slowly and work up to it.

Today marks the 3 year anniversary for my wife and me.  I am cheap, so I picked 3 Sunflowers and bought some coffee at one of our favorite local coffee shops.  Think we'll cook some good steak this weekend, but just keep it simple today since it is a week/work day.
We were married at the fabulous Bellagio!

Having a black bean stew I made this weekend for lunch.  Hope Kelley and I like it; I'm always experimenting with the food I cook and end up putting more herbs and spices than necessary.

Today's not-able-to-run work out:

Ride bike for 45 minutes - 12 x 30-50 second sprints w/ equal time for rest
2 rounds of left/right kettlebell swings
2 sets of 40 situps

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