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Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st Post....Bad Start

It's only a bad start b/c I have an appointment tomorrow, 08/16, to see what the pain in my ankle is.  This, of course is the same day I would start my training for the Las Vegas Marathon on December 5th.  I can only hope for the best....more to come.

I have been consuming a good amount of mixed berries in hopes that their anti-inflammatory properties make for a speedy recovery.  At least if they don't help, they still taste good.  It's late and I need sleep, so I'm cutting my first post short.  More to come on the ankle....

I want to list any activity I might have done for the day and forgot to add last night:

Ride Road Bike for 2hrs - no gps or watch, but estimating a little over 20 miles
Squats, Over Head Press, Dead Lifts, and Pull-Ups

Also cleaned house and cooked some food for the week ahead. 

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