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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cooler weather, tried to run...

Woke up to some much needed rain this morning.  High is around 75 degrees today, as opposed to the 100+ for 20 days in a row.  Went to the gym for a non-running cardio workout, but the power was out.  So, I went home and tried to run.....for 5 miles (slight pain the whole time) and now it just hurts a little.  So, I didn't have to limp, but need to rest longer before trying that again.

Went to see an Airrosti doctor for neck and ankle pain.  He only got to my neck, but really worked some knots out of it and popped it.....very weird, never had that before.  Now I have some K-Tape on my back. 

Tried one Celexa pill and I'm not a fan.  I do not want to get into taking meds, too many side effects can occur.  Think I will try St John's Wort or something.  Until then, food will be my stand-by to ease the tension.  It's said cottage cheese and turkey have some good tryptophan levels, so that will be part of dinner tonight.  I'll have the turkey on some salad greens and cottage cheese with some mixed berries, homemade granola, toasted almonds and cinnamon.  Can't wait!

Work Outs:

See above for the 5 mile run
5 x 10 for 60lb lunges
5 x 25 incline pushups
4 x 12 for 60lb barbell rows
2 x 10 60lb front squat

Trying a spin class with Kelley tomorrow morning.  My legs feel tired from yesterday's workout, I need to rest, but it's hard to turn down a workout.

Random Rant:

All of the diets for people looking to lose weight.  Really, people, you don't need a set of crazy rules to follow.  I know, I used to look for these rules to figure out what I'm supposed to do.  It's plain and simple, eat more unprocessed foods (in their whole form).  Stick to the outside edges of a grocery store for most of your food items and you'll make a great start.  Also, no more restaurants would do wonders.  Cook for yourself or just make a quick sandwich.  There are so many options and people just don't realize it.  Aggghhh!  Ok, I'm done.

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