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Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Heart Burpees! The Deck of Cards WOD

Kelley and I played a nice game of cards today.  It's not the sit at the table and sip your tea kind of game though; this was a heart pounding, sweaty game played outside.  Speaking of, it got up to 75 degrees today; perfect weather for the Deck of Cards WOD!
After spending all day in the kitchen cooking (me) and cleaing all around the house (Kelley), we finally took a "break" from house chores and went outside to "play cards."
The Deck of Cards WOD is simple, face cards count as 10, Aces are 11, and the numbers are, well, their number. 
We would usually make Jokers something like run .5 miles, but didn't have any in the deck, so we just started and ended with a run around our loop; approx .45 miles.
Here's what we assigned for the suits:
Hearts - Burpees (hence the title)
Diamonds - Pushups
Spades - Situps
Clubs - Squats
After our first run around the loop, we set out laying down 6 cards at a time and going through as RX'd. We hit blackjack on burpees and I got excited (love hate thing), but Kelley, not so much.  I'd just work on my new found double under skill while Kelley worked through a few sets.  She did awesome; no matter how worn out she got, she carried on.
This is a great, fun way to get some exercise and spend quality time with others.  You can customize the game to make the suits whatever you want.  Other choices might be pullups/chinups, jumping jacks, jump squats, etc.
Tonight I'm having a sample of everything cooked this weekend. I used fresh garlic extensively and really love it in a spaghetti squash egg white casserole I made.  Yum!
Now, I must go on to a chilly protein smoothie of beets, spinach, cocoa powder, egg white protein, and stevia.
Do you have any crazy concoctions you like to puree into a delicious and healthy treat?
Have a great Monday....ughhhh.

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