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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WIAW –Thanksgiving Eve and a Delicata Squash Sugar Cookie Protein Dip

Yeah, I know, plenty of you probably have to work today, the eve of Thanksgiving, but I’m complaining on behalf of all of us. Couldn’t you use the day before to prep food do a little extra exercise to prepare for tomorrow’s feast, and just be away from school or work? I’ll go ahead and answer for all of us again….YES!

I’ve seen so many healthy Thanksgiving feast recipes that I want to try but have no time before going to our family gathering. Most of the food is stuff I can’t (gluten reasons) or won’t (health/picky reasons) eat, and I like to bring things I know I will enjoy.
See? I'm ready for the pumpkin famine! Or maybe I just use it a lot.

Confession – I brought roasted brussels sprouts and mushrooms one year knowing that just one other person and myself would eat them. Sorry, but I don’t want premade mixes cooked from a box or food with poor ingredients for Thanksgiving….or ever for that matter!

So I prefer to make my own gluten free, non store bought bread (maybe just a personal Microwave Chocolate Protein Cake) and side dishes. I think I only end up eating an undressed salad and the turkey at most gatherings. Anyone else run into this issue? I don’t mean to complain (even though I am), or tell others what to eat, but I just want to have what I prefer and enjoy.

Not a bad "personal" Thanksgiving treat if you ask me!
If there was no work today, I’d be cooking all sorts of things I’ve wanted to try. Lately, sweet potato, pumpkin, and banana are all ingredients sticking out to me. And of course peanut butter would be in one or all of the creations. Maybe a spin on a no-cook pumpkin banana peanut butter pie? Hmmm, I’ll keep brainstorming and maybe have something to post on for the Christmas feast!

But really, a peanut butter pumpkin pie sounds pretty darn good any time. I have been using unflavored gelatin to make some easy and tasty dips lately, and suggest you try. Still need to get the recipe down before I post it, but here’s another quick, easy, and healthy dip for you to try in the meantime.

Delicata squash is my number one favorite squash (you can use any kind you’d like), and making it into a puree is simply delightful! Have you seen or tried Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar-Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea? It’s a good, caffeine free tea to drink, but throw it in with squash puree, vanilla protein powder, and a little stevia and you will be on Cloud 18. That’s Cloud 9…..squared; because it’s that good.

Delicata Sugar Cookie Protein Dip
(Sugar and Gluten Free)

2 medium delicata squashes, microwave steamed or roasted until the skin is soft
2 big scoops stevia sweetened vanilla protein powder; I used Vitol Vanilla Egg White Protein
1 T natural peanut butter
2 Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar-Cookie Sleigh Ride Teabags
Liquid or powder stevia to taste
1t pure vanilla extract

Once you have your cooked squash (I microwave steam mine), remove any really hard parts like the stem and throw everything else in a food processor. Yes, include the skin, it’s soft.
Add the rest of the ingredients (just cut the teabags and dump the contents) and process until really smooth. I let my processor run for 2 – 3 minutes. Let chill for the flavors to “intensify” and help everything firm up.

I love having a giant bowl of this to go to when my sweet tooth hits, which is every night. This recipe is very versatile and you can sub your favorite ingredients as you see fit. I think coconut flour or cocoa powder would make for some extremely delicious versions. Try it, eat it, enjoy!

Now, for the part that brings us all together…What I Ate Wednesday! I have some new pictures to share, but not many. Please enjoy my offering and give thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons, for hosting these What I Ate Wednesday’s!!

Here's a look at the other gelatin dips/purees I've been working on.  Yes, I reuse Chobani containers because they are just so convenient! These are pumpked with protein powder, coconut or peanut flour, stevia, squash, and the chocolate one has spinach too!

Coconut Pumpkin Protein Dip

Had these wholesome Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps for a snack. Enter to win your own from my giveaway here!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Dip

Slow-cooker Tilapia with steamed Brussels and Sweet Potato... Delicious Lunch!

Steamed bowl of mixed veggie goodness topped with nutritional yeast.  First time trying the yeast, and I like it!
I Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you're celebrating) and just a wonderful week if not.
Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Question: Have you ever made something to bring to a gathering knowing that you'll be the only one that eats it?


  1. Tomorrow we are traveling over three hours away for Thanksgiving, but I'm bringing all of my own food. Haha. There is literally not one single thing that I could eat there. Unless someone brought some fresh fruit. Then I could have a feast! :D

    That cookie dip looks fantastic. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Sorry for just now replying. Hope your Thanksgiving was great.

      I actually thought about what you might have since I've been reading your posts lately. It seems no one brings just "untreated" food like plain fruit and veggies.

  2. hahhaa, yes I have definitely pre-made something knowing I'd be the only one eating it. My family thinks I'm from Mars with half the stuff I make and even if it tastes good, it doesn't always look good. This squash recipe looks fab! I have tons of that tea- I feel like it's a blogger must have! Also, looking forward to this gelatin recipe! Hope your Thanksgiving was glorious!

    1. Thanks for the reminder about the gelatin, I need to take some pics and make another recipe to post soon.

      I know, I hate the prying questions people have when looking at whatever food I made. Just leave my food and me alone, people, it's better than your sugar-laden crap!

      Hope all is well!