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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lightlife Vegetarian Foods - How They're Making a Healthier World

Have you heard of or tried Lightlife's veggie protein products?  I have only tried their vegetarian hot dogs and was pretty impressed with the taste and texture.  I'm not a dedicated vegan or vegetarian, but my consumption of meat is very limited and I make sure it's from a clean source.
Lightlife makes it possible to get plenty of high quality protein with their non-GMO soy products with no preservatives.  If you have read my blog before, you'd know I like to make most of my meals from whole food sources not in packages, but Lightlife products will help me when short on time.

I choose acceptable packaged food by studying the ingredients and nutrition, and I have found Lightlife has plenty of clean products to offer.  I'm really interested in their line of tempeh products and can't wait to try all versions, especially the wild rice!

With fall here and the slight chill (only slight because I'm in Texas) in the air, I've been craving comfort food that's healthy and delicious.  When I don't have time (a lot lately) to make my own from scratch, I am ready to pick up their Smart Chili to try out on a cooler day.  If you have tried it, please let me know your thoughts.

So why am I posting about Lightlife without really trying a lot of their products?  Someone on behalf of Lightlife asked me to share a new video they have posted and I liked its message.  The video depicts a farm where all of the animals are made out of veggies.  I think the message comes across loud and clear and it's just a neat video to watch.

Please watch this short video and let me know what you think.  Can you name the veggies that make up the animals?  Some are hard to figure out, but the bell pepper body on the cows is pretty cool; same for the corn cob pigs. With so much news about the world's meat supply dwindling, it's a "smart" choice to reduce our meat intake and eat more veggies.  I agree veggies give us most of what we need and meat is not needed with every meal.

Please, let me know how you add more veggies to your diet and if you have any great ideas to get enough vegetable protein from healthy sources and products like Lightlife.

Check out their website for info on how they can make you and the world a healthier place and see what they're up to on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. that video is too cute! I haven't tried Lightlife. I have an issue with soy lately, but that chili looks so amazing!! I have been consuming a mainly vegetarian diet lately and it seems to be working out well!