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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WIAW #25 Homemade Protein Granola Sans Gluten

I have a new addiction. It's the sugar and oil free protein granola I've been making almost daily. I just posted about the peanut butter version, but have made a chocolate, cinnamon ginger, and vanilla version since.

Wonder why so much awesome granola? Besides the fact I prefer to make as much of my own food as possible, I wanted something crunchy and gluten-free for my nightly treats-in-a-cup.  I normally have Greek yogurt, pureed veggies with stevia and frozen fruit plus protein powder, nut butters and nuts, and Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Cereal.

Still wondering?  Probably because I haven't really answered yet....sorry.  I've been going to the doctor a lot lately and my blood test results plus the fact that I'm constantly worn out and have stomach bloating lead me to think I am gluten intolerant.  Maybe Celiac's, but I'd rather have it confirmed before I go off spouting I have that.

Therefore, I am laying off the gluten to see how I feel.  This means no Ezekiel in almond milk; there's just something comforting about it.  So, to fill the crunchy void, I'm making this granola with gluten-free ingredients. I definitely enjoy my new homemade granola and see this becoming an instant staple. Or I guess it already is a staple now....you get the point.

Since cutting out most of the gluten, I have felt a little better in the stomach area, but need more time before I decide on anything.  Gluten-free isn't really a major change for me since most of my diet revolves around veggies, fruit, fish, and non-gluten grains like quinoa, millet, oats, corn and rice. I guess I'll just have to wait for my next doctor's visit before getting any closer to an actual diagnosis.Until then, I guess I'll just force this deliciously crunchy and healthy granola. No Problem!

For fun fitness, Kelley and I just bought new hybrid bikes that are mostly road, but can handle an easy trail too. We have only ridden together a few times, but enjoy each other's company when we do.  I see this becoming a great routine to get our fitness and spend quality time together. Very important in a marriage!!

Along with biking, we're still following the Supreme 90 Day Workouts and can feel how well it works everything in your body. I swear, after this one video, my bicep should have its own mini bicep from doing so many different types of curls. Most of the videos leave me with a soaked shirt and shorts dripping of sweat. And to think I used to make fun of workout dvds; guess I put my foot in my mouth there!

So, lets all give Jenn at Peas and Crayons a great big thanks for putting What I Ate Wednesday together and have a look at my eats. Thank you, Jenn!

{B} Microwave eggwhite omelette with mixed veggies, a tad bit of Artisana coconut butter, and Melinda's Chipotle Sauce + baby carrots on the side. {L} Green bean and black-eyed pea quinoa salad + homemade pb protein granola clusters for snacking. {D} Same big salad with steamed Brussels, mushrooms, and homemade green salsa dressing + PB Protein Banana Bread with more PB. {D2/Healthy Treats} No-bake Almond Oat and Millet Protein bars (made using my Quinoa Almond Cookie recipe) + Green protein smoothie with more pb banana bread, Plain Greek yogurt, and PB on top.

Pretty good day of eats if you ask me! See, omitting gluten isn't so hard, and it will open your eyes (stomach?) to a wonderful world of different and delicious food.

Have you ever had to make a sudden dietary change due to unforseen circumstances/events?

Have a Happy WIAW and wonderful week right into the weekend!


  1. That granola sure does look good - I can see why you're so enamored with it!

    1. Yes, it makes omitting gluten a breeze and I highly recommend making this!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting, Shannon! This granola is perfect for granola lovers like you, you must make some soon!