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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Chobani Pumpkin Protein Yogurt

No, Chobani doesn’t have a new pumpkin flavored yogurt; maybe one day. But, you can easily make your own healthy CHOmpkin (yay or nay on this word?) with a few simple ingredients. If you're lacking Chobani in your kitchen, visit their coupon section for coupons to help you get some soon!

You might be wondering why I’m posting about a fall/winter food in middle of the summer. Or maybe you’re not. I enjoy pumpkin year round, and when combined with creamy 0% Plain Chobani Greek yogurt, it makes a superb summer treat.

I go through giant containers of plain 0% CHO within 2 days; no problem. I swear, Chobani is healthy foodie crack! Once I reach the bottom of a container, I normally make "CHOvernight" proats (protein powder + oats) with different flavors and other add-ins. Pumpkin puree is almost always in the mix, and stevia is my sole sweetener. I will eat as is, or spread on a cookie sheet and bake for overnight oat crisps.
Standard overnight oat mixture....so cool, creamy and delicious!
As I was making a batch of vanilla pumpkin proats in my semi-empty CHO container, I wondered what just pumpkin and CHO would be like. Obviously, it “had” to be good because 2 goods make an awesome, right? So, after one day of the large container being opened, I had half of the yogurt left. Time for pumped up vanilla protein pumpkin Chobani!

To the half full container of CHO, I mixed in vanilla whey protein, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, vanilla extract, liquid stevia, and YUM! The creaminess of frosty pumpkin yogurt with a boost of vanilla protein makes me want to go workout several times a day just to get my protein “recovery” right after.
I like where this is going....

Then again, maybe I just need protein anyway…one workout a day is good enough. As for the CHOmpkin (the word is growing on me) yogurt, once a day is not enough! This works as a healthy meal or dessert for anytime. I’d suggest tossing in some dry roasted almonds and blueberries or banana to up the flavor and nutrition.
.......yep, and it's tasty!

As with most things, this simple recipe can be adapted to suit your own tastes. I think next time (and there will be a next time; and another after that…), I will add mashed banana and peanut butter or peanut flour.

Another healthy homemade fav I’ve been making are protein crackers. I posted about goat cheese salsa crackers, but just tried using peanut flour/butter for an awesome protein peanut cracker that’s irresistible! Once I get the recipe down, I’ll be sure to post for you to try yourself. I love homemade crackers since you can make so many sweet, savory, or spicy versions, but rolling the dough can be an arduous task. *sigh* What we do for delicious, healthy food!

Chobani Pumpkin (CHOmpkin) Protein Yogurt
1/2 full 32oz container of plain non-fat Chobani; I’m sure Vanilla would be fabulous too, I just try to avoid added sugar

1 cup pumpkin puree

2 scoops stevia sweetened vanilla protein powder; I use About Time whey protein and love its high quality
2 t ground cinnamon

1 t vanilla extract

15 drops liquid stevia or 3 stevia packets
Optional: Peanut butter or flour to taste; dry roasted peanuts or other nuts, chia seeds (for a pudding-like consistency), mashed banana

Add all ingredients to your half full tub of CHO and mix and mix and mix until well incorporated.
 Eat. A lot. Be Happy!

If you want a frozen treat, chill in the freezer for approximately two hours, set out to thaw for 10 minutes, the blend for an icy treat. Add frozen blueberries or banana for an extra creamy and chilly treat with zero guilt!

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  1. this looks yummy! I recently picked up their 16 oz. vanilla chocolate chunk. It's heaven!!! I'll be attending their flagship opening in NYC tomorrow!