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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

*Rant Alert* If It's Not Normal to be Healthy......

.....then I guess the obese are super cool! Are you envious?

Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?  Do others around you think you're weird for snacking on carrots instead of cakes, or drinking unsweetened tea/coffee instead of a 40oz (ok, I'm exaggerating) Monster Energy Drink?  Why is this?!?  Why does it seem like most people consider fast food chains and other venues the normal places to go for food, and cooking at home is something they do only when the have to?

The way a lot of people think of food seems flawed to me; the less processed a food is, the more "normal" it should be, and the crap at fast food joints is really the weird stuff.  And of course, a lot of the ones calling me weird for choosing a healthy lifestyle are the same people huffing from walking up a few flights of stairs or just never seem to be in good health. Hmmm, no wonder most of the world is becoming obese and being diagnosed  with sicknesses like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mobility problems, etc.

This topic gets under my skin and to my bones! I hate listening to the people who feel they have to try and justify their unhealthy choices to me (I never asked) by saying they just can't give up this or that because it's too hard.  Yeah, it is as hard for you to just get in and out of your car too?

I know, I sound pretty harsh right now, but it's because I actually care.  I jump at the chance to explain to anyone actually interested and willing to listen on ways to make a healthy switch.  The problem is, not many people want to listen about how preparing their own food and skipping the grocery aisles is good for them.  Nope, instead they want to hear about the pill making bogus, untested claims about losing fat fast, or the latest diet craze.

Years ago, up to being an early college student, I was there too, but then I learned and kept seeking more info on how I can be healthier.  Up to this point, I've concluded it's not as hard as it seems.......just buy as little packaged products as possible and learn to prepare healthy dinners and desserts.
"Heart" Healthy Smoothie With Homemade Protein Heart Bread for Kelley.....better than  any package!

Who else feels this way? I am passionate about food the same way Alton Brown is about using sock puppets.  Don't get my analogy?  Watch a few "Good Eats" episodes.....you'll catch on. Still don't get it? Well, I'm just passionate about healthy food....period.

So why am I posting this rant on my blog?  One, because it's my blog and I can, two, I'm hopeful it will open at least one person's eyes to living a healthier life, and three, it feels good to let it out. I tend to express my thoughts on these topics periodically after they build up inside; here are a few rants thoughts from the past.....

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Please read through some of these as they provide a good amount of information on how to start living healthily and still enjoy living!

Speaking of enjoying life, Zevia has sent me samples of their newest flavors to try and review.  Be on the lookout for my review along with a few recipes and giveaway for a coupon to get your own Zevia 6-pack.

Q:  Are you "normal" or the weird outcast who makes healthier choices?

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