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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Healthy Work-Life Balance Is No Piece of Cake

Have you heard of new book published by Tracie McMillan titled “The American Way of Eating”? I read an interesting article on publicradiokitchen.wbr.org where she talks about her new book and the food habits of Americans versus other countries.
Similar topics have been discussed before, but I like the message McMillan is trying to get across; we are generally more concerned about things like what the next Apple iPad will do and not about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

On why we eat bad when we know it’s bad….

“One reason that it’s hard, I think, is that junk food is easy, cheap and everywhere”

On ways to eat healthy….

“There’s a real sense in the U.S. that cooking is something you do as a celebrity chef or a talented person – it’s not a normal skill,” McMillan said. If people do cook, it’s viewed as recreation – not a “general life skill.”

On America’s priorities….

"In the current system, those priorities seem backwards. “Americans spend 6 percent less than the French on food,” McMillan said. “They also spend 6 percent more on health care.”

 Read the full article here and tell me what you think.

So why have pictures of this cake, you ask? Because for me, it represents a way I find for a healthy work-life balance. This is the Microwave Chocolate Layer Cake with Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Icing I posted in the past. It’s just a way to show how you can make healthy dinners and desserts in just minutes; no excuses!

I’ve listed easy ways to make healthy choices in the past; here are several postings I think are helpful:

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Work can be stressful and usually not the highlight of our lives, but don’t let it consume you and run your life. I have to remind myself often to leave work issues at work and enjoy the time you have when not in the office. The tips I list above help me to manage a healthy lifestyle and not give-in to unhealthy food in exchange for convenience.

Do you struggle to create the right work – life balance? How do you manage to keep healthy when time is scarce?

Remember, good health and time with family should be our top priorities; don’t let work take that from us!

Now please excuse me while I get back to work....

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