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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday #5: Easy and Healthy Green Foods

Today’s WIAW will be the last for Green Foods month; it's sad, but I can’t wait to see next month’s theme! This doesn’t mean I’ll start slacking on my green food intake though; I’m a salad fanatic and love Brussels sprouts too much to cut down on this color!

It’s been an exciting March, and I’m happy with the green-themed fun I had and viewed on WIAW posts from other foodie bloggers The onions I mentioned in last week’s post are still going strong, but I feel like it’s time to use them soon. I really enjoy being a part of the What I Ate Wednesday crew and don’t plan on stopping any time soon!
Still growing Green as of last Saturday....

For this week’s green food, I added Watercress to my menu as a mix-in for my nightly salad. Watercress has a hint of spice and touts many health benefits including its use as a digestive aid. This proved helpful to me since I tend to eat most of my food at night and it keeps my stomach from going crazy.

Rinsed and ready for the spinner!
I didn’t do anything fancy, just mixed it in with my nightly salad and that’s all I needed. Sometimes I just grab a handful of greens and eat them from my hand; there’s just something refreshing about crisp greens with nothing else. Do you ever eat salad greens by the handful or am I alone on this?

Now, on to today’s green eats……..

Breakfast – French press coffee with cinnamon and vanilla extract; small cup of leftover red quinoa with veggies, fresh jicama slices, and leftover Pumpkin Protein Crepes from this weekend

Ever get to a point where you don't want to spoon the last of the batter out of the bowl?
I did; this is what happens.  I didn't make Kelley eat this one....

Snack – Mug of unsweetened green and red tea and a few pieces of dried okra

Crispy, crunchy, and green!
Lunch – green split pea with mixed veggie puree (I had this last week and wanted it again) and I used Corn Thins for dipping; dehydrated Brussels and okra, celery sticks, an apple, and sliced jicama provided a means to my mindless eating attack afterward

After Lunch – more green tea mixed with decaf chai tea and stevia; late night at work, so my usual outdoor activity is shortened and I’ll only get to have a few rounds with the punching bag.

Dinner – Started with a big salad topped with mixed veggies, papaya seeds, and salsa; pureed zucchini, frozen berries, and spinach with vanilla protein; large helping of plain, non-fat Chobani Greek yogurt (Enter to win some here) mixed with Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Brownie Batter Dip (that stuff is awesome!); finished with a side of several Peanut Butter Overnight Oat Crisps
I will definitely make this dip again.......then probably another time after that!
Crunchy peanut butter goodness = happy me!
I have been planning to go to a yoga session with Kelley on Wednesday, my rest day from my current workout routine, but something seems to happen at work every time! Guess I’ll just keep hoping for a chance because I could use the flexibility.

Have you done anything special for National Nutrition Month? I think it’s kinda ridiculous since we should focus on nutrition every day. Do you agree or disagree?

To add to this; I read an article discussing a new study that found that frequent fast-food chain customers are less happy with their health than the average American. Go figure; I didn’t need a study for that!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


  1. Dried okra? That's a new one. I love okra. The crepes... the Overnight Oatmeal crisps... all sound delicious!

    1. Yes! I love okra fresh, pickled, steamed, or dried...same for Brussels sprouts. I wish I could refer you to a product in stores to try, but I don't think this is one. New business venture?...hmmmm

      Thanks for reading and commenting, enjoy your day!

  2. These are some great eats! I'm especially biased toward the CCK's brownie batter dip (I'm also a huge fan of her chocolate chip cookie dough!). And OMG - anything crunchy and anything with PB wins my heart over every. single. time. Haha!
    Here's to another wonderful WIAW! I'll be working on mine throughout the day! :)

    1. All of her recipes sound good, I'll eventually try them all! I think the dips have inspired me to post on them tomorrow.

      So you're a crunchy PB fan too, huh? Great choice!

      Happy WIAW to you, I'll be sure to stop by and read your post today...thanks for reading mine!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Shannon! I actually make myself hungry for these things every time I read back over the WAIW posts!

  4. Your eats look very tasty! Have you ever tried a yoga video? I want to start yoga!

    1. I have a tried a few yoga and pilates videos, but things go so fast for a novice like me, that I think I become more stressed rather than "in a peaceful state". When my wife gets back from a class, she has a calmness that make me jealous.

      I think the experience you get actually going to a studio would be worth it for your first time. Then you can find a video and know the poses a little better. Good luck and thanks for reading!!