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Friday, February 24, 2012

Having a "Cuppa Joe" in Breck

I love coffee. Kelley loves coffee too.  We love seeking out unique, local coffee shops to enjoy a good cup of brew wherever we travel.  We've been to several around Breckenridge, CO and they are all pretty good places for coffee and lunch fare.  Today we found an awesome and lively shop that's been open since August of 2011 called "Cuppa Joe".

We were kindly welcomed upon entering Cuppa Joe and quickly attended to.  I questioned about different coffee options, but ended up ordering what I always get at unique shops; an Americano with 3 or 4 shots of espresso and nothing else.  Johanna (the Barista/Owner) offered to throw in the 4th shot for no charge since she makes the shots in doubles anyway.  Fine with me, I will never pass down more jolts of caffeine; it doesn't really affect me too much anyway.

Kelley Ordered her go-to drink when travelling, a dry Cappuccino with skim milk.  We tried each others drinks and decided they were the best we've ever tried.  I would happily start (and end) my day with this drink!  We talked with the Johanna a little and she would happily answer any questions and never seemed annoyed.  I'm used to people getting annoyed with my inquiries, so this is a big thing. 

The menu options all look very healthy and customer recommendations can be found on the Facebook page here. 

Kelley's cappuccino on the left and my Americano on the right.  They were too good to take pictures when first served.

The owner assured me they get their food in fresh and prepare everything to order.  So, for any special requests made by people like myself, rest assured they will add, remove, or substitute ingredients as you desire.  The sweet potato and black bean burrito sounded like something I'd readily order, and she said they can serve it in a bowl if requested. 
Our table inside the cozy shop.  The couch behind me looked really comfy.

I can tell the locals are quickly catching on to the place since the owner seemed to know most people by name as they entered. With great, healthy food prepared to order at competitive prices, there's no reason not to make Cuppa Joe a frequent meeting place. I suggest you make this local and inviting cafe a priority if you are ever visiting or live nearby.

Kelley and I visited Cuppa Joe before leaving for Texas right when they opened at 6 a.m.; I enjoyed another 4 shot espresso Americano and Kelley requested another cappuccino.  We both expected the shop to be closed since a giant snow storm had come through and was still going strong as we left, but we recieved another warm welcome from Johanna and she had already served a couple customers.  It's great to see an owner with so much passion to make sure the business is open as stated and that customers will visit regardless of the weather outside.
Check out Cuppa Joe's Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to help support this great business.

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