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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Posting in the New Year....

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything and I'm hoping to get back into it.  One problem I had before was trying too hard to find something to post about and then searching for / taking related pictures.

For now, I will make my posts more on just what is on my mind.  Topics will mainly be food related, but I might mention something on the work out I did, what happened at work or home that day, car related, just pictures, or maybe another article I read and feel like sharing / discussing.

Maybe I'll even rant about something with all of the crazy things happening out there!!

Since my last post in October, when we were in our temporary < 800 sq/ft apartment, we've been pretty busy...

Kelley and I both trained for and ran the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon the beginning of December.  The race was less then stellar with overcrowding, lack of support (for the slower runners...sorry, Kelley), and generally just poor organization.  And what's up with the food provided at the end of marathons?  Big companies bring their "healthy" energy foods to promote (i.e. Snickers) but none of really seems that great.  If it doesn't have a lot of "carbs", then it is probably full or artificial sweeteners to make sure it still tastes sweet and the general population will want more and more.  Whatever, it shouldn't bother me, but in my Foodie head, it's hard to comprehend.

After getting back from the marathon, we almost immediately closed on our new home that was built and moved in the weekend after the race.  We are still working on getting things unpacked and Kelley is diligently finding curtains, drapes, rugs, etc.....this will probably last a while.  I sold my motorcycle, bought a '98 BMW 540i, then traded it in for a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT a month later.  I think I just belong in a Subaru....I feel most comfortable with these cars.

Also, I had an idea I submitted at work to offer standing desks several months ago, but it was denied and waved off.  So, I made a request to another department and was able to get a standing desk for my work space.  I am happy, and it wasn't anything hard to change, so success!!  Oh yeah, Kelley got Abby back since we are now moved in....yay.

It's great being in our new home; cooking was less than inspiring while in the apartment, but I'm getting back into it now.  Roasted veggies will have to become more frequent in household again.

I'm not running like I was during training, I'm hardly running at all.  There is one day in the week where I'll go for over an hour long run, but the rest of the time I am focusing more on strength training. After logging many miles and hours running, I was left feeling pretty weak and useless for anything else.  Now I am trying to increase strength with free weight training and a little cardio on the side.  I may post on this at certain times if I feel the need.

In the old home, we did not have cable, or anything besides what the antenna could pick up.  In the new house, we got nothing with the antenna and decided to get cable.  So, now we are exposed to more annoying commercials and shows; I might rant about these at times as well.

For those of you reading, what would you be interested in seeing for future posts?  I plan on keeping the focus on food related topics, but might inject a few bits of my everyday life should I feel like doing so.

Until next post (hopefully sooner than 3 months), take care and try to learn to know what you are eating....never be afraid to ask questions...it's your body!!


  1. Yes, and hopefully I won't stray from the posts again; they'll just be a little shorter when low on time. Glad to see you are excited, that keeps me motivated to keep it up!

  2. I think I will enjoy the new format. It will be much easier to read now that I have my own computer. Thanks Dad!

  3. RC, this blog will be your legacy, or maybe the Legacy will! Glad you are back!

  4. Thanks, Steve, it's nice to get back to this again. Hope everyone enjoys!!
    Oh yeah, I like the Legacy reference too!!