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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Foodie Penpal Reveal + End of Crunchmaster Crisps Giveaway

If Friday were a tangible thing, I'd give it the biggest hug just about every week.  I say "just about" because, well, I'm sure we all have those Friday's where everything seems to go awry.  Let's hope this is not one of them!

It is the last day to enter for your chance to win Crunchmaster Cheesy and Grammy Kid's Crisps, so enter now for your shot.  I'll announce the winner hopefully Monday next week.

We're already giving November the boot (or is it giving us the boot? Hmmm) and heading into December with Christmas fast approaching.  As a kid, I remember everything taking "forever", but now it won't slow down! Seriously, didn't we just finish handing out candy to little monsters kids in costumes?

And now I'm sure most of us are rushing around looking for the best gifts for friends and family.  Not to mention all of the holiday outings at work and outside of work.  The holidays should be more relaxed, but it seems more rush-rush and hard to keep calm.  Am I alone here or does anyone else agree?

I'm a person who thrives on knowing my schedule ahead of time and rarely like changing my daily routine.  I recognize this is a problem and I'm currently learning to get over (some of) it. What would I really like to be doing?  Just relaxing with my wife, Kelley, and sitting around watching full seasons of our favorite shows or going to partake in various outdoor activities.

In reality, I go crazy if I don't get a scheduled work out in and spend at least 2 hours in the kitchen. If anyone knows where that switch to turn off this obsessiveness is, please, let me know ASAP!

Enough rambling, it's Foodie PenPal Reveal Day!! A big thanks to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for hosting this giant connection of people across the world.

FPP post Foodie Penpals

Both the person sending to me, Christina, and the person I sent to do not have a blog. This is okay, but I just tend to enjoy it more when I can read the other person's blog talking about what I sent them.  Oh well, still fun nonetheless.

Christina seemed to be busy with holiday events since I just got the package yesterday, so I only have pictures to show.  Maybe I'll mention these goods in a future post once I get to try them.

Sea Snax, ginger peach green tea, another autum-spiced tea, The Chia Co. chia shots, Go Raw Real Live Bar, another local item, Bearded Brothers Ginger Peach Energy Bar, Crunchy Cranberry and Cherry Almond Snacks, and a funky tube of hummus ready to eat.

Being from Austin, TX, she sent me some good looking local salsa from El Chile I can't wait to try.  I love Austin, and since I'm just in Fort Worth, TX, it's really not that far away.

I've been wanting to try the Sea Snax, so I'm excited to get these.

The Chia Shots are something new to me. I buy chia seeds in bulk, but never see them like this, so it will be fun to bring the to work for a quick pick-me-up.  The Go Raw Live Bar will be another fabulous work snack.

Again, the Bearded Brothers bar will be a work companion and I'm excited to try!

And tea is always a welcome item to me.  I haven't tried the hummus, but am intrigued; I'll update once it's finished.

So, thank you, Christina, you did great sending me some goods.  I will enjoy all but the Cranberry and Cherry Crunchy Snacks; more sugar and other things I can have, but my family will definitely love it!

Are you familiar with the Foodie Pen Pal Program? It's definitely worth looking into and always fun to see who you get paired with.  You meet two new people and maybe learn a little something. Check out Lindsay's dedicated Foodie PenPal Page to learn more and sign up for the next event.

For December, Lindsay will not be hosting a regular event. Instead, she's asking for us to donate what we would've spent on our pen pal to victims of Hurricane Sandy.  She'll have more on her Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day post, so head on over there to learn more!

Thanks to all who stopped by! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets any necessary shopping done....like I need to do!


  1. Looks like you scored big time!!! My daughter and I LOVE sea snax. If you like those you should try the onion flavor...divine :)

    I was just in Texas for Thanksgiving. My sister lives in Mansfield. Sad to leave but hope to make it out for another visit soon.

    Thanks for sharing your goodies with the rest of us!

    1. Thanks, Heather, now I really can't wait to try the sea snax! They will be perfect for a healthy work snack.

      Oh yeah, I think we spoke before; I'm from Burleson which is pretty close to Mansfield. It's supposed to be up to a very un-holiday like 80 degrees this weekend...yay.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. This is my first month as a foodie penpal and I wish my swappers had blogs too (so I'm checking out everyone's posts). Looks like you got some very interesting things. Can't wait to hear about the hummus. My daughter loves bringing it to school for lunch. Looks like the single serve is something to look into.

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting! I think the hummus would be great to pack as a work or school lunch/snack. The ingredients list is actually pretty short and wholesome.

      Hope you enjoyed your first month; try again in January and maybe you'll get a blogger. It's still interesting either way. Have a good one!