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Monday, October 8, 2012

Homemade Creamy Pistachio Milk

Texas weather can and does change over night.  It's crazy; Friday was an enjoyable mid-80's, and the next morning was in the upper 40's! It never got over 55 degrees all weekend, but it's supposed to be back in the 80's by Tuesday.

Since I'm not training for a marathon like I did for the past several years, I don't mind the cold as much....because I can choose to stay inside! My workouts are mostly in the garage, but I like to make mowing the lawn a workout too. Here I am after mowing with a 20lb vest using a reel mower (no gas, no electric, just blades and you pushing) which I just finished Legs day on my Supreme 90 Day schedule.

I will usually work some sprints in across the yard as I push the mower for an extra kick-in-the-A.  Neighbors think I'm crazy (or weird)....maybe I am?  Oh well, I'd say this is functional fitness for sure.

Besides my mowing adventure, I stayed mostly indoors cooking lunches for Kelley and me throughout the week, and making several healthy treats. One said treat is a new-to-me milk I made with my Soyajoy G3 Soy/Nut Milk maker. I'm really enjoying the milks I can make and don't have to buy now. Goodbye extra added ingredients I don't want or need!

The simplicity of making milk with the Soyajoy G3 makes it even more appealing. All I did was soak a 1/2 cup of pistachio kernels in water overnight and then add them to the maker with about 4.5 cups of water. All you do then is push a button and it does the rest within 30 minutes. Pretty awesome stuff, and I love using the leftover pulp after straining in baking recipes and for added nutrition in smoothies.

If you've never made your own non-dairy milk and don't have a milk maker, you can still make it without one.  I've made coconut and almond milk with great success before, just takes more time. We all have extra time to burn anyway.....right? Please, sense my sarcasm....there's never enough time!!

To make your own, just soak a 1/2 cup of any nuts or beans you want for 8 or more hours.  I've soaked for over a day before with no issues. For beans, I suggest cooking them on the stove first; nuts are optional and make good milk cooked or raw.

Once soaked long enough, drain and rinse your nuts/beans and then blend them with 4 - 5 cups water (depending how thick or thin you like it) in a blender or food processor.  When everything is blended, pour your milk through a strainer and viola, you have homemade milk!

I like to add vanilla, stevia, and a dash of salt to the milk and the outcome is pure, milky bliss.  Use the pulp to make veggie burgers, bake into breads/muffins, or blended into smoothies. Speaking of veggie burgers, I still owe you a recipe for my veggie okara burgers on this post.

I didn't forget, but, for the same reason I should be asleep right, work is keeping me from sitting down to take the time to write it.  I just throw things together and hope for best, which it usually does turn out great. But I'm taking time to write this post, you say? Well, yeah, because I wanted to share my pistachio milk, duh.
Homemade milk goes great with homemade treats like these Pumpkin Peanut Butter Protein Cookies. Patience, recipe testing in progress.

Haven't said "duh" in a while....that felt weird, even typing.  So, I'll stop here for today, but I do have a few things I must share with you hopefully soon. For a hint on some things, how does a carrot-ginger "milk" and a healthy coconut oil peanut butter oatmeal cookie sound to you? Good, I hope, because I'll revisit these some time in the near future.

Until then, hope your weekend was well and you have a great week ahead!

Have you ever made your own milk?

Has your cooking style changed as the cooler weather sets in? I made pumpkin chili with beans and chicken that is ultimate comfort food without guilt; another thing to share soon!


  1. I need to start doing this. I am not a fan of carrageenan and I'm sure this would taste way better! So you soak this in water? Do you need to soak it in something in particular, like a bowl, or have a cheese cloth or something underneath? lol actually, if this isn't asking too much...When you get a chance, can you e-mail me proper instructions so it turns out correctly? (c.dean1787@yahoo.com)

    As always, a pleasure reading and learning from your posts!

    1. Hi Christy, I'd be more than happy to e-mail you step by step instructions and about to send something right now!

      Thank you for reading, I appreciate any and all readers and I'm glad my posts are helpful to someone.

      The recipe is pretty easy and you'll be making milk like crazy and skipping the alternative milk section at the store in no time! But, Silk does make carrageenan free almond milk if you're ever in a pinch.

      Check your inbox!!