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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Healthy Product Review: Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

Have you tried or heard of Amazing Grass before? I would always see it in the store, but never really stopped to get a closer look. When Amazing Grass graciously sent a sample package with their healthy powders, bars, and a handy mixing cup to my front door, I seized the opportunity to see if it really was “Amazing.”

There were numerous recipes swarming inside my head, but most of them involved cooking and that would take away the benefits of being “Raw.” Instead, I opted for simply mixing with liquid as prescribed and to make overnight oats. This enabled me to try the products alone, making for a better review anyway!

I’m an advocate of eating whole food to enjoy the individual qualities of each type, but these mixes are perfect when you’re on the go, at work, or just pressed for time. Most of my sampling took place at work which helped me avoid eating too many snacks. I had extra energy to power through my afternoon workouts as a result.

"Amazing" Chocolate Overnight Oats
 Green SuperFood and Kidz SuperFood

Each serving provides a potent concoction of beneficial greens, fruits, and veggies. I admire how there is no sugar in any of the Green SuperFood powders. I try to seriously limit the consumption of packaged food (limit, not omit!), and try harder if there’s sugar added. Artificial sweeteners are a flat out “NO!” for me, but you don’t have to worry about finding those in any Amazing Grass product.

I tried the Original, Berry, Orange Dreamsicle, and Chocolate flavors mixed with only water and maybe some stevia. I mixed by just shaking in a cup and noticed some chalkiness, but this didn’t bother me since they still tasted good with just water. I expected Chocolate to be my favorite, but Orange Dreamsicle won me over. The flavor is reminiscent of enjoying an Orange Creamsicle Push Pop I used to relish on a hot summer day. Chocolate is a close second, and if I mixed with milk and stevia, it might move to number one!

See the informative comparison chart of all the Amazing Grass Green SuperFood flavors below and click here for more product info.

The “Kidz” version comes in Chocolate or Wild Berry. These mixes help give kids the fruit and plant-based nutrition needed for their growing bodies. If you struggle with getting your kids to eat healthy, add this mix to their favorite drink for instant nutrition. Better yet, mix the chocolate into their milk for cereal or oatmeal to make them think they are getting away with something.

I don’t ever buy packaged bars, but these were delicious and convenient for work! When I forgot to bring extra food, I luckily had the bars to pull me through. Out of the Berry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Original versions, the Original is my favorite.

The chocolate was silky smooth throughout and reminded me of a 3 Musketeers, only 1000% better. The only reason chocolate isn’t my favorite is because I don’t like most coatings used since they usually have little nutritional value. On the plus side, the coating is dark chocolate which makes it healthier than most. If you eat things like Snickers to (in mocking voice) “Satisfy your hunger,” change to Amazing Grass SuperFood bars to obtain their bountiful benefits and still “satisfy” your sweet tooth.

Amazing Meal

This is Green SuperFood on steroids! No, it has protein, actually. Take nutritional powerhouse of Green SuperFood, add a healthy dose of plant based protein, and you have Amazing Meal! Flavor options include Original, Chocolate Infusion, Pomegranate Mango Infusion, and Vanilla Chai Infusion.

Vanilla Chai Infusion Nutrition Info
 Both Original and Vanilla Chai have no added sugar and the other two only have 6 grams per serving. Vanilla and chai invoke happiness inside of me, so it’s no surprise that Vanilla Chai is my favorite. If Chocolate Infusion had no sugar or used stevia instead, this would be my first choice.

Chocolate Infusion Nutrition Info
 I used half water, half skim milk, and a few drops of liquid stevia to mix these which offered enough substance and kept me from snacking (too much) at work. Similar to the Green SuperFood mixes, I encountered some chalky parts towards the end of the drink, but nothing a blender can’t fix.

Wow! All in all, Amazing Grass offers “amazing” (sorry, I had to say it at least once) nutritional benefits in several delicious forms and flavors. You’d be hard-pressed not to find at least one or two products to enjoy. I wouldn’t use these on an everyday basis since I like to eat nutritious foods to experience the individual tastes and textures. Leave a few packets in the car and mix with milk, juice, or water for whenever you need a healthy boost.

After sampling the various Amazing Grass products, I plan to keep my desk stocked with Amazing Meal Vanilla Chai Infusion to drink before leaving and going to work out. To up the flavor brew your favorite chai tea, let cool, and mix the Vanilla Chai with your brew for a super chai experience; you’ll love it! I liked the bars, but I just don’t eat bars enough to want to buy more. If you do, I say go with the Original or Chocolate flavors; you’ll be happy you did!

Are you ready to try Amazing Grass for yourself? Check out their Specials  page and sign-up to join their Email Savings Club to get started.

I want to thank the kind Amazing Grass team for their excellent customer service and for providing their healthy products for me to sample. This was a great experience!

Full Disclosure: Amazing Grass provided all samples and the shaker cup free of charge. I was not compensated any other way and the views and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.


  1. i was on a amazing grass kick for awhile there but i kind of fell out of it ... i might start adding it to my overnight oats! thanks for the great review!

  2. I think I like it better in something like the oats since you don't have to worry about settling like in drinks.

    I just had a pack of the engery blend with lime flavor mixed into my green tea....pretty good!

    Thank you for all the great comments you've been leaving on my posts!