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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easy Food Swaps for a Healthy Easter

Happy Easter!  I don't expect many people will be reading blogs today, there's too many hyper kids and deviled eggs to tend to today.

Instead of a going on about the lack of Easter specific food I made (really just a salad to bring to a family gathering) I will post healthy ingredient swaps I wrote about before.

Using healthy ingredients in place of their heavier counterparts will add up over time for a difference you can see and feel.  Sure, egg yolks contain a lot of vital nutrients our bodies crave, but the fatty mayo in deviled eggs doesn't provide much. Skip the mayo and use Greek yogurt (I prefer Chobani) instead, or throw out some yolks to use more Greek yogurt and add mustard to keep it yellow.

People won't even know there's less yolk, and as long as it's seasoned correctly, maybe they'll like it more!

Click here to read my healthy food tips and substitutions for ways to have a healthy Easter with your friends and family.  Don't stop on just one day, use these tips for everyday cooking and see how much better you look and feel.

I used rely on fast food chains and packaged foods for bulk of my meals, but after I made the right changes, my energy for and recovery from running improved ten fold.  Now that I focus on a lot of strength training, creating my own meals allows for my body to get healthy, whole foods to use to repair and replenish as needed.

Baking something? Replace most or all of the oil and sweeteners called for in a recipe with the healthier substitutes listed here.

You might think it's crazy (I did), but tofu has a lot to offer to make a simple pudding or mousse that's healthy enough to be guilt-free; it would even be great for breakfast.  Mmmm, chocolate pudding for breakfast, anyone?

Here's an extremely useful chart provided by Chobani on how to substitute yogurt for a multitude of fats like cream and oil.  I like to keep this in the kitchen for a quick reference, you never know when you'll need a quick substitute!

Source: chobani.com via RC on Pinterest

Kelley and I are going to her parents for a family gathering.  Kids will hunt eggs filled with processed chocolate candy, but they'll most likely burn it off....or so we all say, and we'll all converse while sharing an Easter lunch.  I tend to not eat that much since it's not food I cooked, but we're brining salad that I know I'll eat!

Are you making anything (more than a weak salad like me) for a get together?  Anything special this Easter, or just the standard thing like every year?

Have a great Easter and hope you can use these substitutes to your benefit!

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