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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Even Healthy Foodies Drink Alcohol

Geez, this short work week is really dragging on. Do you ever feel that way? You go into work on Tuesday after a 3 day break and by the time you’re at Friday, it feels like it took forever! What’s up with that?

Oh well, just a quick rant I wanted to get out of the way. I am feeling pretty good today though. I’ll be at work late tonight (ugh), but I was able to drag myself out of bed for an early morning workout. I love not thinking about making it out on time in order to squeeze in an afternoon workout, so that is nice.

Also, when we closed on our new home on 12/09/2011, I bought a 12 yr single malt scotch in celebration. The brand was Tomatin, I never heard of it before, but the price was great for a single malt. Now, I know I’m all about healthy living and food, but I do enjoy a good beer or sipping on some scotch; plus it can be beneficial in moderation!! Anyway, upon opening to celebrate the joyous occasion of owning a new home (the mortgage part isn’t so joyous), the cork broke right off and fell into the full bottle of scotch. I figure the cork used had been rotted as it fell apart easily. Since this was a big disappointment to me, I found Tomatin’s website and sent an e-mail explaining my situation. I quickly received a response ensuring me the scotch will not be altered in taste, but that they will provide a new bottle for me.

I wasn’t expecting to get a whole new bottle, just wanted to make sure it’s safe to drink the “cork liquid” without harm. I then received a call from a local distributor for Tomatin asking me for a liquor store that stocks their product so they can send a replacement. I told him of a nearby place and now I will have a brand new bottle, free of cork, to savor and enjoy. The service I received goes above and beyond what I would expect (especially for a liquor brand), and I will gladly purchase this brand over others for that reason alone. To that end, if you enjoy sipping on a good scotch with great value, give Tomatin’s 12 yr single malt a try; you won’t be let down.  Besides scotch, I also enjoy sipping on a good vodka; Do you have a favorite beverage you enjoy?

Although not a food, and not very healthy, alcohol has its place in our diet and I just felt like posting on this today. Plus, many can argue it provides for mental health after a really long or bad day; as long as it’s not habit forming, of course.

So, Paula Deen is all over the food world news for admitting to having type 2 diabetes for several years and kept it a secret. Why, you ask, would Paul Deen keep something so common in our fast food nation a secret? Maybe because the excessive use of butter in all of her recipes would be compromised and a lot of her fans would be lost. Just a thought. Now that it’s out, Paula is said to be promoting a new diabetes treatment pill when all along she could’ve been supporting a cause to help fight or raise awareness of type 2 diabetes. Instead, let’s just hide the facts and keep on showing our fans how to cook with a stick of butter.

What are your thoughts on this recent news?

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  1. It's obvious what she really cares about...Profit!