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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelley’s Specialty - Annie’s Organic Whole Wheat Mac & Goat Cheese

Do you know someone that has a special meal creation that makes you hungry just thinking about it? Kelley, my dear wife, doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen (mainly b/c I’m in there so much), and I’m just fine with that, but she has two tasty recipes I don’t try to contend with: a killer spaghetti sauce and macaroni and goat cheese using Annie’s Organic Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese.

I’ll leave her spaghetti sauce with lots of garlic recipe for another day; today is an ode to her mac and goat cheese. This is an easy creation with some creative additions; make your friends and family happy with this meal in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need to serve 2:

- 6oz Box of Annie’s Organic Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese; you can use other varieties, but Annie’s is the best!

- 2 to 4 ounces of creamy goat cheese in a cylinder wrapping

- Several Green Onions (Scallions); chopped

- 1 T Red Pepper Flakes; add more or use less depending on how much heat you want


- Boil pasta in water for time indicated on box, drain when done, and add pasta back into pot.

- Stir flavor packet into 1 Cup of skim milk (plain, fat free yogurt is good too), and mix into cooked pasta.

- Add goat cheese, red pepper flakes, and scallions to pasta and stir until well combined.

- Serve and enjoy!
Peas are another great add-in for your veggie fix!
The aroma from the goat cheese and green onions is enough to make my stomach rumble as if it hasn’t had food in days. If I were cooking this, I’d add a lot of spices like cumin, paprika, chili powder, and ground mustard to name a few; but Kelley’s simplicity is what makes this meal so good. I admit I go overboard a lot of times, so add extras at your own risk.

This is a wonderful comfort food that should be a welcome addition to your home. Although it is in a box, and I usually say “NO” to packaged foods, Annie’s ingredients are all real food which makes this an exception to the rule.

Do you have a favorite boxed meal that you “customize” with extra flavor?

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