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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4 Year Wedding Anniversary and 4 Food Blog Posts

4 years ago on this day, August 17th, Kelley and I said “I do” inside the beautiful Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada! We had a few of our closest friends and family with us and enjoyed the company they provided. I started the day with a nice, hot run down and back up the strip; meanwhile Kelley and her entourage of ladies enjoyed champagne and all the things girls do the day of their wedding. We kept it traditional and did not see each other until she appeared through the French doors at the end of the small chapel aisle. I remember losing my breath at first site of her in the dress; it was a wonderful day that went all too fast. We had a wonderful dinner at Prime Steakhouse in the Bellagio; the same place I proposed a year and half earlier.
Here we are, 4 years married, 8 years together, and still in love just as much if not more than ever. Happy Anniversary, Kelley, may our time together only be better each day. Much Love!!
Even for celebrations, I am still picky about the food I eat and do not indulge too much, but I might have a little more bourbon or wine than usual. What kind of food and drink do you have for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays? Do you try to keep it healthy or take a “no holds barred” approach?

To keep it simple and spend more time with Kelley, today’s post is a short list of other posts I find interesting.

2. Great Article on switching to real “real” food

3. Awesome recipe for homemade cheez-its - I made these with whole wheat flour and rolled oats using low fat cheddar and they came out great. Way better than the packaged ones with a long list of chemicals for ingredients.

4. Another Foodista post on a new Lunchables product - I just love the criticism in this post; it’s my exact feelings for most things packaged.


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