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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'd Eat That (A Picture Post).....

The past week has been busy at work and home, and the next week is expected to be the same.  I may not be posting daily benefits of a different food, but today I wanted to provide some pictures of delicious food I would love to savor.  After all, it's said that you eat with your eyes first...........just don't eat your screen!

Low-fat cottage cheese with berries is great snack anytime of day.  Really good late at night as cottage cheese is a great source of Tryptophan.  More coverage on Cottage Cheese in a future post...
Ahhhh, there's something very comforting about rice pudding....make it brown rice to take comfort in the extra nutrients you will receive.
Arugula alone is a wonderful salad green; paired with beets and goat cheese or on top of a thin crust pizza really help show off it's great flavor.
Ginger is soothing and packs a punch to many ailments you may have.  In cookie form, it's a fun, function way to get some ginger.  Homemade with extra fresh ginger is the best!!
I plan on posting the benefits about each of the main ingredients in these pictures...please stay tuned!!

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