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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Energizing Food Pictures

It's been pretty busy at work lately, and if it wasn't for a healthful diet with good foods, I'd be feeling more run down than I am.  Most of the daytime will be spent at work the rest of the week, so, it seems like a good time for a quick picture post and then off to bed!

Hope you enjoy these pictures of energizing food that will help get you through the day and be ready for more.

Green tea boosts energy and metabolism.  Add some honey for
a sweet dose of extra energy.

Grapefruit and other citrus helps brighten your day
and tantalize your tastebuds.

Leafy greens and other veggies provide essential nutrients
to our bodies for very low calories.
Any whole fruit is a good choice, but berries are packed
full of antioxidants and vitamins with a lower calorie
count than most fruits.  This is mainly due to their sugar
content being lower.
Cashews, and all other nuts, are and easy, energy dense and tasty
food that's portable and stable.  Look for "dry roasted" varieties
to avoid unnecessary added oils.  Or just buy your own in raw form
and roast them yourself.
Whole grain cereals are a great option to keep you feeling full and
energized while providing essential vitamins and minerals too.  Keep
a box in your desk at work for a quick snack when you're running
low on energy.  Be wary of granolas with a lot of added fat and sugar.
If you "have" to have a certain sugary cereal, try mixing it with another
cereal that is low in added fat and sugar.  This way it lasts longer too!
Eggs provide high quality protein and taste. Poached
or hard boiled are healthier ways to cook them.  Try
boiling several eggs and keep in the fridge at home
and work as a great, filling go-to snack.
Salmon, and other fish like tuna and tilapia, offer healthy fats
and a lot of protein.  Many types of fish are easy to come by
and easy to prepare on the stove or in the oven.  Buy fish on sale
 and cook enough to have leftovers.  This way you can add to
salads or make a great sandwich.  Smoked salmon can be
purchased prepared and is great with cottage cheese, on
whole wheat toast or crackers, or just by itself.
Greek yogurt offers a high protein, versatile treat for any time
of day.  Avoid the full fat or fruit-filled sweetened kind and
go for plain non-fat greek yogurt.  The plain yogurt offers a
blank slate to mix in garlic and onion powder, dill, cumin,
and lemon juice for a healthy greek dip/sauce/marinade.
Or, add honey and your favorite fresh/frozen fruit for a naturally
sweet dessert or breakfast.  Toss in some roasted nuts for crunch
and flavor.
Root vegetables and winter squash are packed with healthful
ingredients that keep your body running strong.  Most types will
last a long time just sitting on the shelf, but mine never last very long.
Try picking a few favorites or just interesting varieties, cutting into same
size cubes and roasting in the oven at 375 degrees for 40 - 50 minutes.
Doing this gives me quick and healthy food to throw together after a long
day at work.  The perfect food to relax to after a long day.
There are too many energizing foods to list them, but these were some of my everyday, go to foods that help keep me running on all cylinders.  Think of your body as powerful Italian-designed engine, and food is your fuel.  Do you want to put in low-quality, overprocessed food that has been stripped of nutrients, 83 OCT and lower, or do you want to fill up on top notch drag fuel like the foods above?

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