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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekday Lunch Prep on Sunday

Do you ever find yourself in a rush to make a meal for the next day?  Try making multiple meals over the weekend to bring with you for lunch during the week.  Yes, it's time consuming and no fun spending your precious weekend in the kitchen....although it can be really enjoyable if you allow.  Also, you might enjoy the freedom to come home from work and not deal with cooking something then.

I usually spend most of the day on Sunday preparing meals for Kelley and me to take to work, and enjoy most of it.  This includes peeling carrots, turnips, jicama, or other raw veggies to chop into bite size snacks for work and home.  Then, after a brief discussion on certain combos Kelley and I would like, the oven is on, and at least 3 stove-top burners are chumming away for hours.

Today I decided to take some pictures of some of the food prepared for the week.  A lot of the components in these meals have their own unique benefits that I will list out over this next week.  For this post, just enjoy the pictures (nothing spectacular, but the food is good) and please send any comments if there are certain food items you'd like to know more about.

Baked Kale Chips
 These kale chips are a great alternative to other chips, and they are a big hit!
Chicken stuffed with smoked goat cheese, spinach, and red bell peppers

The chicken was paired with roasted cubed sweet potatoes with spices and steamed broccoli.  Can't wait for lunch when we bring this meal!

Medley of maroon carrots, rutabagas, gold beets, garlic, red onion, purple potatoes, and tomatoes to be roasted.
 First time to try those Maroon Carrots, they tasted great raw and after being roasted.  Those were a welcome addition to our diet for the week.
Medley all mixed with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a few spices

Also made quinoa with canned tuna and veggies, and Adzuki beans with tomatoes and lentils.

Stay tuned for future posts to further delve into some of these foods and their benefits.

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